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Here it is, Jim Sterling and the Podtoid crew in Jim Sterling describes E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy.

Downloadable images and making of video link coming later tonight.

GIVEAWAY TIME! Win a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive PC beta code!

UPDATE: The giveaway is closed, don’t submit any further entries.

This blog post was also posted on my Destructoid Community Blog

Time for a giveaway, folks. I walked out of Eurogamer Expo 2011 with several CS:GO beta codes, and this coming week I’ll give away one of the codes. This giveaway is only open to PC Steam gamers, as the codes I got were only for the PC beta — sorry!

To join the giveaway, join Destructoid’s unofficial Steam Community group Steamtoid, open the giveaway announcement and answer this question: (via comment) “What is the acronym CS:GO for?”. The challenge is to think of your own interpretation of the acronym, so don’t answer with “Counter-Strike: Global Offensive”. The most creative response wins the code. :D

Seeing as the beta has yet to begin, the giveaway will run until this Wednesday, the 26th of October 2011 at 20:00 UTC/GMT (13:00 PST) (26/10/11), so you’ll have plenty of time to think of a clever response. Good luck!

Rock, Paper, Shotgun:

Oh now this is special. Properly special. Extraordinarily talented map creator Douglas “TopHATTwaffle” Hoogland was commissioned by one Gary Hudston to create a very particular series of Portal 2 levels. Working with Rachel “Miss Stabby” van der Meer, he set about creating some truly spectacular Portal 2 puzzles that lead up to, well, something of a proposal.

The Gary Hudston Project, as the task became known, was Gary’s means of proposing to his girlfriend Stephanie. Which is pretty damned romantic. It could also have been rather cheesy, were it handled by a less talented team. But Hoogland and van der Meer have created something really spectacular (if Valve aren’t offering them jobs soon, I’ll be surprised) and you can watch the whole thing here:

Wow, that was very, very awesome.

Oh my god. This is Canvas, a Source modification that’s been in development for over two years. I hope this mod actually does get released and doesn’t get abandoned like many other brilliant Source mods.

The song in this trailer is "Fantasy" by The xx.